Teri Jon is a collection of elegant evening- wear by renowned New York designer Rickie Freeman. Known for their affordable luxury apparel, their collections are carried by high-end department and specialty stores across the country.
Teri Jon had healthy sales growth but felt that there was a lot more untapped potential for expansion in their e-commerce operations. They asked us to help realize that potential.
DJZ is a content and community site centered around Electronic Dance Music. It is the newest project of venture capital veteran Seth Goldstein, who also founded the immensely popular turntable.fm and still serves as its chairman. DJZ has also recieved financial backing from several large venture capital firms:
DJZ wanted to make a splash early on with their digital marketing and came to us to help make that happen:
Not only did we meet the goals DJZ gave us, we actually exceeded the expectations they had in every category.
The Challenge
Marc Ecko Enterprises was looking to
upgrade their online operations
and asked us to take on the task
See How We Helped.
Bypassing Limitations
Added new functionality to the site by working around platform restrictions.
Custom Homepages
Homepage Takeovers
Custom Backgrounds
Improved Site Design
Overhauled Affiliate Marketing Program
Completely changed the way we approached affiliate networking resulting in a drastic decrease in commissions while maintaining a slight increase in sales
Affiliate Sales
Affiliate Commission
Made Key Hires
Made several valuable additions to Ecko's Ecommerce division, ensuring it would continue to succeed.
The Results
Increased Net Profit
By 2006 Ecko had established itself as a hallmark of street culture, but they wanted to expand beyond the strongly urban perception and into Middle-America
Finding a single, year-round marketing initiative that catered to both the international and domestic markets within a limited marketing budget.
MMA: Break the Ecko brand into the new emerging sport of Mixed Martial Arts in an attempt to connect with MMA's avid, loyal, year-round, international fan base.

-Fighter Sponsorships

-Launched the MMA Sub-Brand

-Social Media Strategy

-YouTube Campaign




Lax.com is a successful lacrosse equipment website. However, they wanted to optimize their search engine marketing and they asked us to help make it happen.
By placing more strategic bids we were able to simultaneously reduce the overall ad spend and increase the return on investment.