Insurance Companies and Content Marketing: A Storied History

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Insurance isn’t one of those industries that most people think of on a regular basis or get excited about. In fact, most of us would probably rather think about our insurance as little as possible, but the best insurance companies have made that rather impossible thanks to their impressive content marketing.

Companies such as New York Life, Geico, and State Farm have all created memorable and exciting content campaigns that are not only memorable, but have changed how we think about insurance. Just think of the Geico Gecko or the Allstate Mayhem Guy. In both cases, their commercials and other content are hard to forget.

The Intersection of Insurance and Marketing

On the surface, the insurance industry seems boring and unmarketable.

How do you market something that is a requirement but doesn’t have an engaged audience?

Let’s be honest; no one gets excited about insurance.

Yet, insurance companies have somehow made themselves exciting, and it all starts with their branding.

Let’s take a look at New York Life insurance.

Recently, they launched the “Be Good at Life” campaign, which aims at redefining the role of life insurance in people’s lives. Their goal is to inspire their customers to control their finances to enable better lives. It’s an apt content marketing campaign for a company that claims on their homepage, “We don’t have shareholders. Just policy owners. So you matter the most.”

How Insurance Companies Create Exceptional Content

So, how are insurance companies able to come up with such exceptional content for such a boring industry?

While we can’t get inside the brains of their marketing team, we can look at some key elements of their campaigns to glean insight.

  1. Dive Into Your Brand’s Mission Statement

As we talked about above, New York Life wasn’t afraid of diving into their brand identity to come up with a campaign that matched their company and their consumers. They asked the question, “What type of content do our consumers want?” and then they provided that content.

“Be Good at Life” is a play off the company’s already well-developed brand, the campaign just takes the idea of insurance to a more personal level. It’s grounded in insights from researching generations of consumers.

New York Life found that their consumers want to be smart with their money and value advice that helps them make good financial decisions. It also addresses a shift in society’s definition of what it means to “live well.”

The mission of New York Life is to “Help individuals and businesses protect and preserve their financial security,” and that’s exactly what “Be Good at Life” does. It communicates various ways that its consumers can attain financial security in an optimistic way.

Their website features “Learn by Topic” areas for families, homeowners, retirement, legacy planning, business owners, and more. Under each topic, there are countless articles that deep dive into important areas such as student loans or “late in the game” retirement planning.

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  1. Focus on Being Creative

When you’re in an industry such as insurance, which most consider boring, it can be hard to find something interesting to talk about.

But there are more opportunities than you might expect. Insurance companies don’t have to only stick to writing articles and sharing content with safety tips to reduce car accidents. They can go a little outside their direct wheelhouse as long as they demonstrate expertise.

For example, let’s take a look at Geico. On their Facebook page, they share helpful articles about creating a home inventory or “7 Tips for Saving On Your Electric Bill,” but they also have a little fun. While destruction isn’t necessarily Geico’s expertise, their expertise is helping people when things go wrong. So, they created a holiday campaign for their mobile users around smashing holiday items.

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While at first, this might seem counter-intuitive to their brand, it actually fits perfectly by reminding their customers that they are there for them when things go wrong. And it’s a highly creative way to engage their consumers.

  1. Tell a Story

Beyond being creative, the best insurance companies remember that story telling is the most valuable element of their content marketing. That’s because insurance is filled with customer stories, whether it’s about the time the company helped someone repair their house after a storm or brief tale about how Mr. Smith found financial freedom in retirement. There’s always a personal story to tell that makes insurance more relatable.

Take State Farm as an example. They recently launched a campaign in conjunction with UpWorthy to help kids tell their stories (re:imagine/ATL). The goal of the content campaign is to find out what happens when you give kids a camera and a chance to tell their own tale and to help them get internships and job opportunities.

As for how this campaign fits with State Farm, it falls under their “Be a Good Neighbor” campaign. The program is run by volunteers who are giving back to their community as part of State Farm’s “Neighborhood of Good,” which tells dozens of stories of people giving back.

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For State Farm, being a good neighbor is a part of their brand and demonstrates in a more tangible way how they are always available to help their customers no matter the situation.

In the end, it’s obvious that even the most unlikely industry can create great content with the right marketing team. Find out how Group 8a can help you make boring interesting, today.

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