December 8, 2016

Analytics & Reporting

  • Google Analytics Set-Up
  • Ensure Proper Analytics Tracking
  • Bounce/Exit Rate Analysis
  • E-Commerce P&L Modeling
  • First Click vs. Last Click Attribution Modeling
  • Reporting (monthly, week over week, by campaign)
  • Return Analysis
  • Traffic Source Analysis

Buyers are telling you how to sell to them. Analytics and reporting are how you can listen.

Marketing your company online produces a mountain of data. By applying analytics and reporting, patterns and trends emerge that make it possible to predict customer behavior so your company knows how and where to market itself.

A marketing strategy that ends with a sale is reason to celebrate, but there’s more than profits to be gleaned from this process. By gathering data on your marketing efforts, analyzing it and using reporting to create patterns, you’ll clearly see opportunities to boost profits.

At Group8A, we are at the forefront of using the latest technology to analyze how our clients’ leads behave so we can continuously revise their marketing strategy and achieve ever better results.