December 8, 2016

Email Marketing

  • A/B Testing
  • Abandon Cart
  • Advanced Email Segmentation
  • Brand Guidelines Document
  • Competitive Email Set Analysis
  • Creative Evaluation and Ideation
  • Email Analysis
  • Email Best Practices and Client Specific Recommendations
  • Email Cadence Analysis
  • Email Calendar/Promotional Marketing Calendar Build-out
  • Email Design Management
  • Email Platform Analysis & Transition Plan
  • Email Template Development
  • KPI Development
  • Message and Design Improvements
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Optimization & Testing Evaluations
  • Post Purchase
  • ROAS Management & Analysis
  • Transactional Email Opportunities
  • Triggered Emails/Reengagement Campaigns
  • Welcome Series

Your customers’ inboxes are full. We make your messages stand out.

Emails are sent directly to potential customers alongside messages they’re sure to read from friends and family. Group8A will make your emails stand out from the clutter so those leads turn into customers.

A prospective customer’s email address is a golden opportunity to win their business. Thanks to mobile devices, you also have direct access to them even when they’re on the go. The right email marketing strategy will constantly remind recipients what your company has to offer.

At Group8A, we will create an email marketing strategy based on your company’s unique features and needs. As a result, emails are actually open and read, so you build authority and trust, convert leads into customers, and produce a wealth of important analytics that will give you key insights into your market.