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Group 8A has been sent from the e-commerce and website development gods! The vision shared by the 8A team is fresh and innovative, always imbued with an original aesthetic sensibility. The account management is also top notch, with lines of communication always open for questions and comments. The 8A commitment to my site obviates the need for an in house digital and graphic design team, enabling my team and myself to focus on all other aspects of Rosepops' business. Rosepops would not be blooming at such a rapid pace without 8A at the digital helm.
We met with many different agencies and the proposal from Group 8A’s team was radically different from the rest. Their approach is extremely results-driven and quantified - every initiative has a goal and dollar value attached to it. In an environment where KPI’s are somewhat vague and empty buzz words are the norm, this is extremely appreciated!
Group8A has absolutely buried my company with orders with their social media marketing and email campaigns. We are on pace to grow no less than 400% this year. Shit canning my previous marketing company and going with Group8A has made more of an impact than any other business decision I have ever made.
Group8A has done a great job helping our brand significantly grow our direct to consumer e-commerce business by a factor of 10. Not only have they helped us achieve great sales results, they have done it the right way - by partnering with us and working together to unlock every opportunity. I'd highly recommend them for your business.

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