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Data-driven, reactive to market trends, and hyper focused on ROAS

Email & SMS

Our merchant-driven approach to your Email and SMS strategy aligns inventory, seasonality, retail calendar, and promotional cadence to create a winning mix that maintains brand integrity, while maximizing sales.

All customer touchpoints have consistent messaging with other channels to create a unified and holistic approach to driving ROAS.


Our Merchandising team builds out comprehensive promotional calendars using a holistic forecasting approach and consideration of your unique inventory position, margin goals, and promotional cadence.


Each campaign and automated communication with your customer is curated to speak specifically to the intended audience at that point in their buying journey – ultimately creating a relationship with your customer and increasing lifetime conversion rates.


    Our ROAS-centric approach takes your brand awareness and engagement to the next level - paying for itself along the way.


    We get your brand covered with ROAS-Centric press! W​e stay top-of-mind with our list of affiliate network partners to ensure we are their first call and​ ​able to react quickly to opportunities for your brand.


    We're on the business end of press and work hard to structure deals that make sense for our clients and the publishers.

      Website Design

      We deliver data-backed and performance-driven websites that are on-brand and fixed on conversion and user experience.


      Every Group 8A site is specifically architectured to create the optimal user experience and convert your users into lifetime customers. Through a winning mix of analytics, heat mapping, and innovative design and functionality, we achieve a powerful online presence for your brand.


      Our Merchandising team taps into your customers’ habits, needs, behaviors, motivations, and emotions - creating a customer journey that leads to higher conversion and lifetime brand loyalty.

        Digital Development

        Our team of highly skilled developers pair technical innovation and ecommerce platform expertise to implement digital solutions that directly impact your site performance.


        Through our proven optimization tactics and thorough understanding of end-user behavior, our development team implements site updates that make a measurable difference to your conversion rate and average order value - building your online presence for sustainable growth and long-term profitability.