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Operations Technical Project Manager


The role of a project manager is to serve as the middleman between the client and the internal team at Group 8A, making sure everything stays organized. It is the project manager's role to be the advocate for both parties: the client should feel the project manager is fighting internally for the client and the internal team should feel the project manager is respecting them and pushing back on sometimes unnecessary tasks. The goal of the project manager is essentially to keep the clients happy, while maintaining strong internal morale on the tasks required for the client. If everything goes well, the client should re-sign with Group 8A, the ultimate goal for the project manager. The project manager also will try to upsell clients on certain services that can help improve performance beyond the current scope of work.

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Researching clients to get a complete understanding of the company within its industry
  • Researching client competitors to round out the competitive landscape and industry picture
  • Creating an organization process to ensure all internal tasks are completed
  • Maintaining this organization to aid in client happiness and aim to defend against clients leaving company/Group 8A
  • Researching other aspects of the digital marketing ecosystem to provide knowledge that can be sent to the clients in an effort to show overall knowledge of the digital marketing word.
  • Etc.


We offer a healthy mix of competitive benefits and perks, with the goal to empower you to do your best work, invest in your professional development and well-being. On the bleeding edge of the agency industry, we're driven to create a greater delta between us and other Tier 1 agencies. Our growth is driven by our investment in our people and creating an environment that sets everyone up for success and personal growth. Ask us questions about how we do it!

  • 5 days work week
  • We provide you with all of the resources and gear you need to achieve your goals
  • Great co-workers are that are pioneering the industry
  • Work from home till covid situation is over or under control
  • Fast growing team
  • Outings and retreats!

Group8a is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.