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As producers of innovative and award-winning baby products, Baby Brezza("BB") had built a strong reputation and foothold in major brick and mortar stores and online retailers. To facilitate further brand growth BB was looking to expand into direct to consumer sales through its website as a new distribution channel. BB engaged Group 8A to grow the traffic and sales of this new distribution channel while leveraging that growth for the overall growth of the retail partners as well.


Group 8A & BB recognized that while BB was attracting significant traffic to the website, this traffic was not being converted into purchases at a profitable enough rate. Through coordinated planning we devised an integrated three-pronged strategy to increase website conversion rate.

Reallocation of Paid Traffic – While BB was attracting traffic, these website visitors were disproportionately in the top of funnel brand awareness stage of the purchase journey. Utilizing media channels, such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, Group 8A built, managed and optimized robust marketing

campaigns that  attracted and re-engaged website visitors at all stages of the purchase journey for the purpose of maximizing ROAS. With the increased efficiencies, we were able to allocate excess media spend towards prospecting opportunities opening up scalable growth.

Baby Brezza
Baby Brezza

Website Conversion Optimizations – In identifying product pages as an area of drop-off for potential customers, Group 8A and BB worked together to design and implement new, optimized A+ content pages that provided the product information needed to educate potential customers on the benefits of the product line. In tandem with the new product page roll-out, G8A launched customer review acquisition campaigns to enable the network of BB customers to share their positive experiences with the products and brand.

Group8A has done a great job helping our brand significantly grow our direct to customer e-commerce business by a factor of 10. Not only have they helped us achieve great sales results, they have done it the right way - by partnering with us and working together to unlock every opportunity. I'd highly recommend them for your business.


G8A was also tasked with creating a customized tool for BB’s best-selling Formula Pro and Formula Pro Advanced. Equipped with a user-friendly dashboard for the BB team, the tool successfully allows users to determine the settings needed for their baby in an easy and effective way.

Baby Brezza Baby Brezza

Customer Base Optimizations – BB had built a strong following and it was vital to present that base with relevant re-engagement opportunities. Working together, Group 8A and BB aligned on integrated marketing calendars that leveraged strong email marketing campaigns to reach and speak to the BB audience. These emails contained scheduled email blasts, drip campaigns and incentivized trigger emails.

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  • Conversion Optimization