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Blowfish For Hangovers is a revolutionary hangover cure that, when taken the morning after “a few drinks”,

Blowfish For Hangovers is a revolutionary hangover cure that, when taken the morning after “a few drinks”, helps consumers “feel human again”. The FDA-recognized formula packs Aspirin, caffeine, and a refreshing lemon flavor into effervescent tablets that combine with water to help alleviate traditional hangover symptoms in as little as 15 minutes. Sold in CVS Pharmacies and select supermarkets across the country, Blowfish can be found in both large retailers and on their online store.


Blowfish had accumulated a significantly large email list and felt the need to inform both their repeat purchasers and potential first time buyers of promotions in a strategic way. When deploying emails to this list, Blowfish was consistently getting around 5-6% open rates .

This translates to 95% of their list not opening because either it was a bad list or there were major deliverability issues.

They contacted Group 8A to see if we could identify the core issues and ultimately help them drive more sales with their email channel.


G8A felt Blowfish had tremendous opportunity within the email channel. Generally if open rates are below 10%, this suggests the email domains like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, view the content as spam and therefore don’t allow emails to get through to the subscriber’s inbox.

G8A hoped that by taking a targeted approach to improving their reputation with the domains, we would be able to improve the overall open rates and eventually the total number of opens.  If the conversion rate remained consistent, this would lead to a successful increase in sales.

First, G8A narrowed down the amount of total emails sent by 80%. This improved the open rates to approximately 30%, but our overall opens were still about 20% lower than before. We continued this approach and gradually started to increase the overall send size - all while ensuring to maintain strong deliverability (open rates remaining above 20%).


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