Miceala Erlanger's influence in fashion goes far beyond the follows and likes

Miceala Erlanger's influence in fashion goes far beyond the follows and likes
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Karl Holzwarth

For those with an interest in fashion and style, you’re probably already familiar with Micaela Erlanger. For everyone else: get used to hearing the name. The celebrity stylist is often dubbed as one of the most powerful women in fashion. Her stunning work has often shined bright on red carpets through Hollywood stars like Luptia Nyong’o, Amal Clooney, Meryl Streep, Olivia Munn, and many many more. Her great sense for beauty and attention to every detail continues to gracefully guide celebrities, and now we’re seeing her influence transcend far beyond elite entertainers.  

Micaela Erlanger

Like so many of us, she continues to evolve as opportunities arise. Mostly known as a Hollywood fashion insider, Erlanger is poised to become a national name in the bridal space. The shift may already be paying off. In 2018, Erlanger parlayed her experience as a stylist and brand consultant into her first book, How to Accessorize: A Perfect Finish to Every Outfit. She shares her fashion expertise to teach women all about accessories and how to use them to put the finishing touches on their outfits. More recently, on September 2, the Forevermark X Micaela Collection went live. Now, upcoming brides can get their elegance of Erlanger’s style through engagement rings. 

Forevermark X Micaela Collection

Her career continues to blossom, and her Instagram account is a good indication it’s moving in the right direction. With over 100K people following her, she updates her fans on life moments, recent celebrity clients, breathtaking styles and upcoming projects. 

At Group8A, we keep our finger on the pulse of trends in marketing and branding, as well as fashion, and more. As part of our ongoing Conversations with Influencers, we spoke with the sought-after stylist about her influence on Instagram. 

When asked what she believes is number one key to success, Erlanger told us it is important to “be yourself.” She added, “There are lots of talented people who can do what you do, but if you have a clear voice and are authentically yourself, your growth will come naturally.” That may sound a bit cliché, but it aligns with her longtime passion and love for fashion, which was the main contribution to her influence. She told us she “always had a love of fashion and style,” which was evident in her earliest memories of playing dress-up as a kid.

Becoming a stylist wasn’t for the likes, and Erlanger’s “influence” was not born and raised on social media. It is her grind and dedication in the real, non-virtual world that’s allowed her to shine on Instagram and have positive design influence with her followers.

Micaela Erlanger Clothing Line

When asked what advice she has for up-and-coming influencers, Erlanger said, “not to forget how important engagement with your community is.” She added,
“It’s not just about what you create; how you engage with others is equally valuable.”

When asked what Instagram means to her, Erlanger described it in its most literal way. “Instagram is a tool for sharing, creating, and discovery.” That, in itself, holds powerful advice as well as Instagram is a platform to position yourself or business in the social media space, but not to assume it is your business. 

Micaela Erlanger Clothing Line

When it comes to content strategy on Instagram, Erlanger has figured out her secret to success.  “The most engaging content typically has amazing photography and composition,” she said.  “I don’t mean that has to be perfection, I just mean artfully and thoughtfully executed.” It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a style and fashion icon cares about the presentation.