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Top 5 Most Interesting Sales Peaks For Different Industries

by Group 8A |

If you’re a stats nerd like me, you’re always looking for weird trends in seasonal sales. See, statistics aren’t just my job but my passion. I love numbers, charts, graphs (line, bar, histograms and pie. I don’t discriminate) and any other methodology that helps my company enrich our market presence. Oftentimes, when I’m on these statistical sojourns, I’ll...

E-commerce Brands Killing the Content Game

by Group 8A |

E-commerce is a brutally competitive sphere. There are thousands of companies competing for the same customers, not to mention the giants such as Amazon, Target, and Zappos who already have a chunk of the space fully covered. It can seem like an impossible task to make a name for yourself in the e-commerce world unless you have an...

These Companies’ Brilliant Marketing Campaigns Transform NYC Storage Into the New Hot Industry

by Group 8A |

There are some things that always make us smile: a laughing baby, good news at work, and a really well-executed marketing campaign. Just think about how many people tune into the Superbowl commercials just to see what they’re like. We can’t help it. Great advertising is like a great work of art; it’s meant to be appreciated. But...

6 Unlikely Industries that Would Benefit from Online Marketing

by Group 8A |

Inbound marketing is not an Internet fad. In fact, it’s here to stay and has been here to stay for years. In HubSpot’s “State of Inbound 2015” report, three out of four marketing executives prioritized their inbound marketing strategy. And in the “State of Inbound 2017” report, one respondent said,...

The 5 Best Tax Software Applications in 2018

by Group 8A |

The good news is that there are many personal tax preparation softwares to help you get the job done quickly, correctly, and affordably. For decades, these tax software applications have offered simplified ways for individuals to fill out all of their major IRS forms. In most cases, they’re all about ease-of-use, guided help, and calculation guarantees, and...

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