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The 5 Best Tax Software Applications in 2018

by Group 8A |

The good news is that there are many personal tax preparation softwares to help you get the job done quickly, correctly, and affordably. For decades, these tax software applications have offered simplified ways for individuals to fill out all of their major IRS forms. In most cases, they’re all about ease-of-use, guided help, and calculation guarantees, and...

So, Where are all the 3D Printers At? [3D Printing Market Update 2018]

by Group 8A |

For a while, 3D printers were all the rage. They seemed to be advertised everywhere, and everyone was talking about them. But then, as the months and years went by, nothing really seemed to come of it. 3D printers haven’t shown up in households as predicted, and companies too have been slow to pick up on the trend....

The New York City Virtual Reality Market is in Full Bloom

by Group 8A |

If I sat you down twenty years ago and described to you a world where self-driving cars, 3D printers, and virtual reality all co-existed, you’d accuse me of plagiarizing a cliché Sci-Fi novel. If I carried on further and said VR tech granted you the illusion of flight, ability to step inside a painting, and alter the...

This Company Does Mobile Phone Accessories Right! [And You Can Too!]

by Group 8A |

It’s no secret that smartphones are popular. In fact, popular is an understatement. They are freaking ubiquitous! Everyone and their mother seems to own one. In 2016 alone, 1.5 billion smartphones were sold around the world. Those are huge sales! While we could easily fall into a never-ending conversation about the smartphone market, I’d like to instead...

Judging a Book by Its Cover: The Importance of Picking the Right Shopify Theme and 4 Tips to Help You Find It  

by Group 8A |

Trust me, I know how it goes: you’ve got that great idea for an e-commerce store, your products ready to go, you’ve followed all the steps and rules and now you just want to get your store opened. So what do you do? You’ve selected Shopify for your platform (because it’s pretty much industry standard now) and you’ve...

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