Mommy Blogger Porsha Carr is the Epitome of Authenticy

Mommy Blogger Porsha Carr is the Epitome of Authenticy
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Karl Holzwarth

One of the greatest conundrums continuing to keep influencer marketers up at night is how one can continue to exert a sense of authenticity, all while also getting paid to promote various brands and products. Striking that balance on social media with your content could be the difference between it being just a hobby, or actually making a real living out of it. Among all the types of influencers on various social media platforms, there is one, however, that tends to stand out as being the most genuine and authentic, and in turn, has turned into a successful multi-billion dollar industry — and that’s the booming mommy blog slice of the pie. 

One of those mommy bloggers seeing a lot of success on Instagram is Porsha Carr, who has so far accumulated over 100K followers on the platform. The influencer — or “blogger” as she prefers to identify as —  has mastered the art of being authentic and making it profitable. In the few years that she’s been active on her personal blog and Instagram, Porsha has partnered with over 375 brands including some local companies from the Sacramento area where she lives with her two daughters, husband, and dog. But she’s also worked with massive national brands like Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Disneyland, Disney World & Shop Disney, Hershey’s, and Walgreens just to name a few.

Mommy Blogger Porsha Carr is the Epitome of Authenticy

Building on those relationships is Porsha’s favorite part of the process.  “I love being able to work with different companies and learn the ins and outs and what goes on behind the scenes,” Porsha told us.

It should be a no-brainer as to why mommy bloggers continue to resonate with their readers or followers. Juggling all of the challenges that come with being a mother, including pregnancy and birth, and what those do to a woman’s body; as well as raising kids and supporting them through their own challenges is a lot, yet our mothers manage it all. Being real and talking about those challenges have made mommy bloggers undeniably relatable to so many other women who are going through some of the same challenges. To see another mother being open about the everyday challenges lets you know you’re not alone, the feelings you have are normal, and you’ll get through it.

“I am trying to reach every mom in the world,” she said. “My ideal audience is definitely parents and women because it’s hard being a mom and hard being a woman and those are the people I identify with the most.” 

Porsha said, sometimes she would receive “messages from complete strangers telling me that they can relate to my content that I post about my kids.” Or, she added that her followers can relate to her “I’m a bad mom moment that I posted, and things like that really make me feel good because I know that what I share is helping others.”

Not everything needs to be that deep. Porsha, who has a passion for writing (but admittedly isn’t always grammatically correct) uses her words and platform to talk about hacks, being a mom on a budget, and products and services for her daughters and dog. Where mommy bloggers, like herself, stand out from the pack is that their success isn’t completely tied to Instagram or other social media platforms, but also in large part due to their blogging. It is other mommy bloggers, not social media influencers, that Porsha credits for inspiring her.

Mommy Blogger Porsha Carr is the Epitome of Authenticy

“There are a handful of other mother bloggers that I really look up to. I love their content and they have really inspired me to branch out and to grow,” she said.

Porsha stressed the importance of being authentic when we asked her what are some of the mistakes aspiring influencers tend to make. “I think probably just trying to be like everyone else,” she told us. “I see this a lot and it’s really better to just be yourself and just be true to the things you love.”