We Just Launched Our Content Site on Shopify. Here’s Why!

We Just Launched Our Content Site on Shopify. Here’s Why!
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Corinne Madonna

For years we’ve been recommending Shopify to our e-commerce clients because, simply, it ranked #1 among other e-commerce platforms.  Since using Shopify, we’ve seen a lot of success and client satisfaction which got us thinking, “Why are we still using WordPress?”. 

We loved so many of the features Shopify was able to provide to our clients. It allows for a whole new level of customizing content and e-commerce, giving us the opportunity to develop more custom-built sites in a shorter amount of time. It’s good for the client and good for us.

Last year, we decided to take a leap of faith and transfer our own content site over to Shopify. We’ve been live for 6 months and needless to say #noregrets. Here are seven reasons why we love it for us, our clients and future clients.

1. Flawless 3rd Party App Integration

One of the top reasons we love Shopify is the amount of 3rd party apps available to make up for key aspects of your site that you might be missing.  

The app possibilities are endless, 1,700+ in fact. They can range from areas of conversion optimization to the ability to have a seamless integration with your email provider.

2. Exceedingly Customizable

Shopify uses an open-source code, which allows businesses like ours to freely customize themes pretty much however we want. Crazy, right? 

In the congested content space, the last thing you want is for your site to look cookie cutter. Shopify customization allows you to add in that extra layer of creative expression giving your site the added oomph your visitors are expecting.

3. Astonishing Custom Reports and Built-in Analytics

Who isn’t interested in learning more about their visitors?

One of our favorite features is Shopify’s built-in analytics and reporting tools. If you’re an Advanced or Plus user, you can effortlessly generate custom reports detailing site traffic, channels, visitors and more over a given time period. 

Take a break from stalking your ex-whoever on Insta and start stalking your visitors in Shopify’s real time dashboard.  Allowing you to see who is on your site and what the hell they are doing there. You will be obsessed, I promise!

4. Can Easily Be Converted into an E-Commerce Site

So you have the traffic and an established brand. Now let’s start making the money! 

Remember, Shopify was built around all of the necessary features you need to make your e-commerce site work, and the fact that it can do content sites well too is just an added bonus.  This makes upgrading from a content site to an e-commerce site not only possible, but a rather seamless process that can only make everything about your current site better. Don’t believe me? Check out just a small list of built in e-commerce features that can be integrated into your current content site once you are ready to make the switch. 

  • 3rd party payment processor
  • CMS and detailed order history/information
  • Flexible and easily updatable shipping options
  • Internal inventory system that can be integrated directly with a third party WMS (warehouse management system) and much more! 

5. Easy Email Provider Integration

We all know that with a content site, emails are priceless. They’re better than Summer Fridays, Happy Hours, and 3 day weekends (ok not as good as those, but close). 

With Shopify’s user friendly email provider integration, getting emails, saving emails and using emails are easier than ever. Even if you aren’t ready to step up to a robust email platform like Klaviyo, Shopify has great custom templates to get your message across the way that you want. 

Email Provider

6. Mobile and Device Responsive

What the Edge? I don’t know what it is either but Shopify does!

Shopify’s well-tested, fully integrated screen, device and browser responsiveness functionality automatically alters your site design to be viewable for all visitors, regardless of how/what/or where they are viewing your content.

I know what you are thinking, doesn’t this automatically happen on WordPress too? Yes, but it takes a fraction of the time on Shopify than it does on WordPress. Sure, it still requires some work to get it right (doesn’t everything?), but it requires a lot less work, allowing for more time to be spent on customizations that you can actually get excited about. 

Mobile and Device Responsive

7. Hosts Files Directly on the Shopify Platform

I know you’ve heard (and ran away from) terms like c-panel, hosting, FTP, 3rd party server, and other technical hoopla that nobody wants to deal with.

Shopify has a built-in server that hosts all image and content files in one place vs WordPress that requires a separate server and FTP (when you have more than like 3 files!). Because your site assets are hosted on a separate server, they are difficult to access and site updates are cumbersome and time consuming.

Shopify allows for everything you need to live in one place, keeping your assets as organized as possible. A content marketers dream come true.

All in One Solution 

Seriously, Shopify is just a really awesome platform. It’s cheap but really powerful. It has endless design and functionality possibilities. For us, the decision was quick and hopefully you feel the same way after reading this article. But for those that are not quite as convinced, feel free to shoot me an email at corinne@group8a.com. I’d love to hear from you!